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A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Dr. Dee Tolbert

Spiritual Health and Wellness Expert 

EnVizion Your Purpose 

Don't ignore it; Listen to it! 

That voice that is directing you to fulfill your life’s purpose is real!

As your coach, I will be your guide to understanding your purpose and reconnecting
to the foundations of your beliefs. My goal is to establish a partnership that helps you
achieve life balance for your spirit body, mind, & soul through reclaiming your authentic
self and purpose.  

With Excitement,
Dr. Dee

Spiritual Health and Wellness Life Coach

What I Specialize In

Setting Healthy

S.M.A.R.T Goals

Establish Spiritual Balance

Develop Personalized Nutrition Plan

Business Growth Plan

The Journey Towards Health Begins with the Vision.

Begin Your Journey Today.

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Dr. Dee has always been a source of positivity for me. Never judgemental and always focused on making the best out of the situation through the lessons that circumstances can produce. She is an amazing coach. Our time together has motivated me to continue to grow personally and professionally.

- Victoria Ogaga

Administrator of the
Crime Analysis Unit 

Jacksonville, FL

Testimonial 1.jpg

Hi, My name is Veronica Rauls and Dr.Dee has been a great help in coaching me to learn who I am as an individual. She has helped me realize that I am a beautiful young woman with so much potential, I just have to put it to use. With her help, she helped me realize to love yourself because no one can love you more than you can. I truly appreciate her for being there for me and helping me realize who I truly am.

- Veronica Rauls


Thanks to EnviZion, I have  been able to look within and realize that a lot of obstacles  in my life started with me trying to suppress my past and not realizing how much it has affected my present. Coach Dee has been a positive influence in my life and I am happy to have Envizion as a part of my life. 

​- Dawn Harris
Nurse Executive,
East Bay, CA


With the help of Coach Dee and the EnviZion Life team, I have been able to create realistic goals for my business and personal life. I love how she provides me with the tools I need to make the best decision. Coach Dee’s vulnerability has allowed me to become more vulnerable, she continues to teach me the values
of patience, being still while waiting on God, and also self-love which has led to lots of self-healing.

- Shamelia Waring
CEO, LashMe,
Miami, FL


Coach Dee has walked with me every step of the way while pulling me out a very low place. Each session was in dept, heavy, and peaceful all at the same time. I have become and I am  becoming a completely healthy and whole new woman. God sent Coach Dee Tolbert to me just in the nick of time.

- Ullyssia R. Richardson CEO, Mr. All Natural Grooming System


During my journey finishing up my master program at California State University East Bay (CSUEB). God send me an angel to watch over me and to help me get through my master program. Her name is Dr. Dee Tolbert. I'm so thankful to have her in my life because she was always there for me. Dr. Dee is an inspiring woman; she is a great leader and a good mentor to me. Every time I’m feeling discouraged about school, she would share wonderful scriptures with me. One of the scriptures is Roman 8:28, "In all things, God work for the good for those who love him." She reminds me how wonderful God is and that God is always there for me. Putting God first was very important to me, there are time where I am weak, and I needed redirection with my walk with God. I would be so stressed about school that I would cry about it to Dr. Dee. But Dr. Dee would pray with me and shared her faith and testimony with me and tell me I am not alone. Having her in my life and being one of my big influencers is a blessing. She made me realized that I needed to trust and enjoy the journey that God have given to me. I learned to let go of my own understanding and to give it to God. God have blessed me by giving me another mother in my life and I am so thankful for that. 


- Channthea Sim Skipper


"Dr. Dee has been my mentor for years. She truly is a blessing and a rarity. Still after all these years, she continues to guide, uplift, & encourage me. She has a gentle & thought-provoking approach that helped me tremendously as I began my healing journey. When I forget, who and where I should be, she reminds me of my divine purpose. When I feel defeated, she speaks life into me. When I feel lost, she helps me untangle my thoughts to seek clarity. My life has been changed because of her."

- Vanessa Mendoza


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