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Meet Dr. Dee

Certified Health and Spiritual Coach & Healthcare Leader

He Spoke and I listened!


It was 6 years ago when I began my divine walk into God's EnVizioned plan and purpose for my life, combining my faith and career to serve those during their most vulnerable healthcare challenges. I have been blessed to serve the healthcare community nationally as a Nurse Leader for over 35 years; During this time, I have achieved many milestones, one, my most dearest being a mother and grandmother, to now earning my Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP). This journey has not been void of challenges, sacrifices, and career disappointments, but God has allowed me to “Envizion, Reclaim, and Live with Intentionally in my own life.  As a Certified Health and Spiritual Care Life Coach, I now share this gift with professionals wanting to walk in their divine purpose. 

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