Awaken 2020: Recap

I struggle to find words sufficient enough to capture what it is I feel. Indeed, my heart is overflowing with immense joy and sincere affection and appreciation for each of you. What you shared collective during the Inaugural Awaken: Weathering the Storm Conference was divinely inspired and life changing. I have an abundance of thankfulness in my heart for your support of me as I work tirelessly to fulfill God’s mandate to create a time and space where women may come together to Envizion, Reclaim and Live Intentionally for the betterment of themselves. As I reflect on the conference, I often find myself dwelling on the immensely powerful words of Apostol Rita as she reminded each of us that God’s Love is Self-Love that that when we accept His love for us, we must also accept who He has called us to be. Then my mind evokes Sister Vecepia sharing how healing comes to each of us when we share our journey and our story. There is power in revealing the steps we have taken to find our calling. When we speak our truth, we break the bonds of generational curses, and we claim healing, victory, and pure peace. I then think of the remarks of Candy, Ruth, Nghia, and Wanda and their sharing of such transformational and powerful Prayer, Praise, and Worship that helps us access The Almighty. Each day we must praise God as we wait on His promises. They are surely coming, and we live by faith, knowing that His favor is ours. Then there were the closing words of Dr. Nicole. She gave us the essential tools that we need to Live Intentionally, Healthy, Wise, and Wealthy –a roadmap to the life God has designed for each of us! Sisters, what an amazing accumulation of wisdom, grace, inspiration, and purpose we have laid out for those seeking The Truth! I am humbled to have shared this all with you, and I look so forward to what God has in store for us next year! May you all be blessed in your walk with the Lord and know that I love each of you!

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