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EnVizion Seminars

Where you gain the skills to EnVizion, Reclaim, and Live Intentionally!

The Health and Wellness Trifecta

You will be motivated in this self-reflecting guided workshop. Through group discussion you will envizion what you must do to achieve your perfect idea of wellness.


We will work closely together to review your current state of health and take an honest inventory to identity any existing or potential health concerns that you may have. Then collaboratively we will begin the real work of the workshop - designing a healthier you!


Together we will discuss the three main ingredients of a healthy sustaining life: (1) food choice,  (2) physical activity,

(3) spirituality and meditation. Completion of this workshop, will provide you with a well-designed roadmap leading you to an improved, balanced, and holistic state of wellbeing!

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Your Divine Purpose

The Divine Purpose Workshop will help you understand your place in the vast world. The workshop will include individualized discussions and exercises that will help you realize and understand your true and authentic self. In the society of today, so often we compare ourselves to others and look outward to measure and define what are our successes and failures.


The Divine Purpose Workshop will teach you to look inward instead. You will learn to stop the harmful practice of comparing yourself to others.

Alternatively, you will learn to establish healthy, obtainable goals and identify steps you can take to actualize these objectives. Through mastery of this process, you will learn to live a balanced and purposeful life and truly see and love the person you are.

The Mirror Concept

This powerful and healing workshop is designed specifically for women. Many women walk through life
feeling broken and with little or no self-esteem.


The Mirror Concept Workshop will empower women to look upon themselves with honest and empathic eyes and see past the physical aspects of who they are and stare instead into their soul to see the wonderful woman that God intended them to be. Workshop members will be placed in groups of 5 women and encouraged to share their stories of struggle.


Group members will provide words of confirmation and affirmation as they work collectively on specifically designed techniques that will help them reclaim their confidence and remove barriers and blockages caused by past hardship and trauma.

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