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Awaken: Weathering the Storm

Our 2020 Guests

Apostle Rita Montgomery

Memphis, TN

Apostle Rita J “Mother Rita” Montgomery is the Pastor and founder of the United Christian Fellowship Church in Millington, TN. Through a method of worship that is inclusive and her unique style for delivering the living and breathing Word of God, Mother Rita is wholeheartedly devoted to seeing people healed, delivered and set free. Her powerful connection to the Most High has touched and blessed countless lives worldwide, so much so that many refer to her as the “Mother of Many Nations.”

Mother Rita is married to her wonderfully supportive husband, Ricky, and they have two daughters, Ruth & Rachell.

Dr. Nichole Barnett

Oakland, CA

Dr. Nicole Barnett, RN, MBA, DHSc, CNL is an Assistant Medical Group Administrator and Director of Nursing and Clinical Practice at Kaiser Permanente East Bay. Dr. Barnett holds numerous degrees and certifications, including a Doctorate in Health Science from Nova Southeastern University. With a passion for advocacy and activism, Dr. Barnett dedicates much of her career to expanding health services to vulnerable populations. She was instrumental in establishing Care Beyond Walls, a faith-based outreach program that places health services in local churches. As an instructor for three colleges, Dr. Barnett also educates the next generation of health professionals.

Munirah Jinwright 

Houston, TX

Featured Musical Guest 

Munirah Jinwright has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a talented and passionate musician and a dedicated educator.  At the age of four years old, Munirah began her musical education with classical training in both voice and piano.  As a young adult, Munirah attended The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts in Miami, Florida, as well as attending the University of Miami on a youth vocal apprenticeship. With a successful and prestigious career as a jazz vocalist and recording artist, Munirah made appearances at Carnegie Hall as well as the North Texas Jazz Festival series to highlight two of many.  It was only natural for Munirah to desire to share her love for music not only as a performer but also as an educator.  She has helped and inspired children as a K-12 music teacher, children’s choir director, and music director within the West Tennessee church and school system.  She has just recently returned to the Houston area, where she shares her passion and gift for music and song with students of all ages.

Vecepia Robinson

Hayward, CA

Vecepia P. “Vee” Robinson is a life coach, motivational speaker, and winner of the fourth season of CBS’s Survivor: Marquesas. Also, an Air Force and Gulf War Veteran as well as a two-time cancer survivor, Ms. Robinson is a fierce competitor who is passionate about using her life experiences and insights to inspire and motivate others to live life to the fullest. Ms. Robinson has volunteered her times and efforts with countless non-profit and charity organizations as well as worldwide missionary work in her service to God. She currently raises in California with her son Jordan.

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